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Clinical Nutrition Consultations

Initial Consultation 60-90 minutes $150

What this includes

  • Indepth investigation of your current health complaint and past health issues, diet, lifestyle, sleep, family health issues and any current blood test results.
  • Skin, hair, nails and tongue check. Blood pressure and zinc levels test.
  • Bio Impedence analysis which measures weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water %, DCI/BMR, metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat rating and physique rating.
  • Recommendations for further testing if required.
  • Discussion of lifestyle and nutritional medicine to improve your health.
  • A treatment plan highlighting your short term and long term goals with recommended changes emailed to you in writing within 24 hours.
  • Email follow up to offer advice and to track your progress.
  • Careful and well considered supplementation if required. This is an additional cost.

Follow up appointments 30-60 minutes $70

  • Checking your progress
  • Ensuring improvements to your presenting complaints
  • Further dietary and lifestyle changes prescribed if appropriate.
  • Follow up Bio Impedence assessment where appropriate.


There are several packages available to help guide you to health. These are suitable for weight loss, chronic disease or conditions where a gentle step by step approach is needed to achieve long term change in behaviour and eating habits. We can discuss what package will be best for you at your first appointment.

Initial Appointment plus one follow up $210

Initial Appointment plus two follow ups $260

Initial Appointment plus three follow ups $300

Skype consultations are available. Please note that health fund rebates are not available for these types of consultations.

Corporate Seminars

Price on application.