My Services


Clinical Nutrition Consultations

Initial Consultation 60-90 minutes $180

What this includes

  • Indepth investigation of your current health complaint and past health issues, diet, lifestyle, sleep and family health issues.
  • Skin, hair, nails and tongue check. Blood pressure and zinc levels test.
  • Bio Impedence analysis which measures weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water %, DCI/BMR, metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat rating and physique rating.
  • Recommendations for further pathology testing if required.
  • Discussion of lifestyle and nutritional medicine to improve your health.
  • A comprehensive prescription emailed to you the next day.
  • Careful review of your blood tests, identifying any concerns and providing evidence based protocols to resolve any red flags. This Taryn’s clinical specialty. She has an in-depth understanding of how nutrition can affect all bodily functions. I understand optimal ranges so I can work to improve your health and identify any red flags.
  • Careful and well considered supplementation if required. This is an additional cost.

Taryn is currently partnering with Microba. If you have a Microba test that you would like interpreted, you will need to book in for an Initial Consultation. Your test will be interpreted as part of that service. I will provide you with a special code so I can gain access your test.

Follow up appointments 30-60 minutes $80

  • Checking your progress
  • Ensuring improvements to your presenting complaints
  • Further dietary and lifestyle changes prescribed if appropriate.
  • Follow up Bio Impedence assessment where appropriate.

Skype/Zoom/Facetime consultations are available. Please note that health fund rebates are not available for these types of consultations.

Please note that private health rebates are available with both Initial and Follow up consultations. Taryn can tell you if your insurer provides rebates on her services. Rebates do depend on your level of cover, so please contact your insurer to see if you qualify.

Online Nutrition Coaching (ONC)

Offered through Rucci’s Gym, this is an online nutrition coaching service. This service is provided to clients who need ongoing support and accountability with their nutrition. For either weight loss, trying to adopt new behaviours, or even eating to support your training and exercise.  This includes the following:

  • Minimum 16 week commitment
  • A nutrition evaluation week, which includes a comprehensive assessment of your health including dietary behaviours, food quality, nutrient adequacy and lifestyle.
  • Prevention and management of any health conditions
  • 100% individualised meal planning which includes a shopping list, nutrition information and recipes.
  • Personal accountability weekly to make sure you are on track
  • Tracking of personal metrics like body weight and other body composition information
  • All online using an app or browser
  • Cost is $50 per week

Meal Planning 

  • One week meal planning $100
  • Includes a weeks worth of meals and snacks
  • Delicious whole foods with recipes included
  • Kilojoule, macro and nutrient targeted specifically to your needs
  • Emailed direct to you.

Community and workplace nutrition workshops/talks. Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Choose from the following talks (1 hour duration, includes presentation and questions) $200.

  • Immune Health Workshop
  • Womens Health Workshop
  • Healthy Eating Workshop
  • Gut Health Workshop

Other topics available – please get in contact to discuss.

Genetic Testing: Bioceuticals Wellbeing Bundle 

DNA testing looks at variations in genes known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). These common gene variations can have an effect on a range of factors that may go on to impact a patient’s health.

These effects can include enzyme function, nutrient metabolism and protein expression. Testing for certain SNPs can therefore provide some insight into potential health effects, helping to highlight the interrelationships between genes, nutrition and lifestyle.

Cost is $299 for the test. A consultation is required to review the results of the test.