Quitting Sugar

The Post You Write When You’ve Been 7 Months Sugar Free

7 months has absolutely flown by and I have totally stuck with the program. In fact. I would go as far as to say that I love being sugar free! OMG! Who would have thought!

People say to me “Wow you have so much willpower”, and it’s funny because I don’t feel that way. Being sugar free after so long really doesn’t require willpower as such. I’ve broken the sugar addiction and now after so long I have just lost my taste for sweet things. I know right? Me. The one who’d eat a whole block of chocolate. I’d start with one square. One would turn to two. Make it a row. Now two rows. Shit. Half of it’s gone. Might as well eat it all and get it gone. Remove the evidence. Oh look it never existed.
Trying chocolate over Easter had me gagging. Gosh that stuff is sweet. Quite unpleasant now. No willpower required.
Some more amazing things have happened during this journey. Here’s a few
I am short sighted. I have needed glasses since I was 11.  I get a yearly checkup and the prescription for my eyes either always gets worse or stays the same. It’s basically been a gradual decline in my eyesight since all those years ago. It never improves. Not in 23 years. Since being sugar free I had the first (slight) improvement in my sight to date!
When I was eating sugar I would put the kids to bed and literally collapse around 8.30pm. Hec sometimes I couldn’t even stay up that late. I blamed that on having multiple children under the age of 5. Now being sugar free, I’m up until 11pm! Holy Crap! This gives me so much time for myself. I can’t get to sleep before then. I’m buzzing. I’m full of energy! Turns out it wasn’t the children after all making their mumma so exhausted! Sorry kids, I was wrong!
I feel calm. In control. I’m not thinking about food all hours of the day. There are no 3pm sugar cravings. That faint feeling I used to get when I was hungry doesn’t happen anymore. Feeling “faint” used to hit me like a smack in the face. It’d have me running for the pantry and grabbing a bowl full of dried apricots so to avoid keeling over. Now hunger manifests itself as the odd tumble grumble, the feeling is gradual and I can feel it and it gives me time to prepare something.
The food we eat has changed. There is heaps of fat in the fridge that never used to be there. I’m enjoying eating it and it keeps me satiated. Food is tastier because it has more fat. It’s yummy and I love it. Being satisfied with my meals means I’m not looking for my sweet treat.  
We bought a Thermomix and it’s really made things easier to prepare. The Gluten Free bread I was buying was full of starch and sugar and a whole list of numbers. It was also bloody expensive. I now make my own with the Thermie. The kids crackers I was buying was full of sugar, vegetable oils (bad) and other assorted crapola. We now have homemade crackers thanks to the Thermomix. We now eat a lot less processed food. It’s more time in the kitchen for me, but if it’s better for my family then that’s what needs to be done. 
It’s taken 7 months to wean the children from their cereals. We got rid of the Nutrigrain first which was a big change for them. We kept the Cornflakes and Rice bubbles for a little while and now they’ve gone. Only the Weetbix and Oats get to stay. Apart from having much healthier and happier children we now have a shitload of free space in the pantry! Woah those boxes are big! I encourage the kids to snack on veggies. I make sure the crisper is full of carrots, snow peas, cucumber and celery to have as a snack instead of choosing fruit every single time.
Quitting sugar is guilt free eating. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Eat what you like. Just avoid sugar (obviously try and eat REAL FOOD as much as you can). It’s just too easy. Really it is.
So I’m still me. This is just a better version of me and I’m sticking with it! 
Sugar can kiss my arse (which is now thankfully skinnier than it used to be!).

12 thoughts on “The Post You Write When You’ve Been 7 Months Sugar Free”

  1. Hi Taryn! Haven't seen you in AGES. Mainly because I haven't been visiting of course. So lovelyto see you again :)This is cool stuff re the sugar. I might have to try it.Does that mean no more champagne?

  2. I love that you're still going with this, and that you've seen so many improvements. I caved, thinking I could eat it in moderation but guess what? I'm back to my old ways. It really is addictive.I'm not going to try it while I'm pregnant (god, that sounds like an excuse doesn't it!) although I will try and control the cravings for sweet foods and crap when possible. But I think I'll try it again afterwards.

  3. Congratulation Taryn, what a great success story. I'm glad to hear that you've been able to wean your children off their cereals. That gives me hope. I've switched to a (mostly) whole foods diet and I'm trying to gradually wean the kids, but it's a challenge. Everything (everything!) marketed to kids is processed (as is the food they get at school and after-school care – sigh). Good for you.

  4. great story, enjoyed reading it. I have been sugar-free for 6 weeks now and feel great, my wife and I have both lost wait and our children no longer snack on sugary carbs all day (we are also a young family)

  5. Megan there really is no 'try and control the cravings' when it comes to sugar. It's not your fault and it's not a lack of will-power. It is the SUGAR itself that causes the cravings. It is addictive and poisonous. The very best thing you could do for yourself and your growing bundle is to kick sugar to the curb right now. ;)I have been sugar free for over 2 years and I never worry about craving sweet things, because I don't eat it, I don't crave it. I will never go back to eating that poison.All the very best for the remainder of your pregnancy and may your new arrival fill your life with joy. Cheers 🙂

  6. SO great to read about someone who has been at it so long and is still loving it and not struggling at all.Im at just over a month now and I can't imagine ever going back to eating all the sugar i was before, the thought alone makes me sick!:)xx

  7. Oh wow! I have to go back and read all of your posts on becoming sugar free. I am really researching sugar and it's affects on the body and would LOVE to eliminate it from my and my families diet. Will be taking a good look at your other posts! 🙂 Now following you! 🙂 Bek @ Just For Daisy x

  8. HI Taryn, After reading your blog/tweets/facebook etc I bought the Sweet Poison books and have now been 6 days sugar free. In some ways it hasn't been as hard as some people as I don't drink softdrink or have sugar in tea/coffee and majority of our meals are pretty good anyway. I am a snacker, so that's where it's been tricky. Not having sweet treats or desserts has been the struggle, however I do know the urges will pass soon.Tomorrow I have to go to a degustation lunch, which will be tricky as I'll have no say in what is served. I'm hoping I will have enough willpower to skip the dessert. Did you ever have blow out days and then just get back on the wagon or were you 100% strong?As I'm a bit of a foodie, I'm hoping I will eventually be able to pass on the sweets and enjoy the savoury foods guilt free.Thank for blogging/tweeting/facebooking I do enjoy reading 🙂

  9. Yes I did stuff up for a few days but I felt very sick from that and I was back on track soon after and have pretty much stuck with it. If I eat sugar now I feel very unwell with headaches and nausea. I have a policy that if someone caters for me specifically (i.e. a gluten free cake) then I will eat it, so as to not offend. This doesn't happen much anymore because everyone knows my position on sugar! LOL. But in David Gillespie's words, sugar is for parties. I think if you have your dessert that would be fine. Sounds like a party to me 🙂 x

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