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Nourishing Foods – Beet Kvass

I’ve become very interested in the traditional foods that our ancestors prepared. It’s like resurrecting a lost art. Somehow through history we lost our way and the food supply took a turn for the worse.

Our modern hurry-up, throw-away life has done away with these wonderful foods. It’s such a shame because our great grandparents really knew their shit. Then the machine came along and we started to create our food in factories and sell them in supermarket shelves. Adding hydrogen atoms here, loads of sugar here, sucking out the fat, adding preservatives, additives and numbers and identified odd things (to name a few).

Beet Kvass. Nourishing Food.

Everything that was old is now new again? Yes! Why the heck not.

I’m resurrecting traditional foods in this household because they are nourishing foods.  They are also really EASY foods to make. And yummy! I’m sharing the preparation of these little babies with my family so I can pass the skill onto them and so they will pass it on to theirs. 
Beet Kvass is a fermented health tonic which aids digestion. It is rich in vitamins and minerals to help cleanse the blood and detoxify the liver. 
It makes a lovely drink or even vinaigrette. It has a pleasing sweet/sour flavour and it’s slightly effervescent and refreshing straight from the fridge. It’s best taken in small amounts. I have a shot of beet kvass every morning.

Beet Kvass has been around for over a thousand years in Russia and Ukraine. It’s widely used as cancer treatment in Europe. It can be used as treatment for a variety of illnesses. 
My children love it. If the kids love it, you know it’s good.
Beet Kvass
3 large organic beets peeled and finely sliced 
1 tablespoon sea salt dissolved in enough filtered water to cover the beets

Put the sliced beets in a mason jar and spread them out in the jar. Add the water. Ensure all the beets are underwater and not exposed. Close the lid.

Set the jar aside for about 1 – 2 weeks in a warm spot and refrigerate when it’s done.

Once you have drunk the liquid you can actually reuse the beets! Yes just create your salt water again and pour over the beets. Leave it to ferment again and enjoy. Keep repeating this process until your liquid starts to run clear. Each brew will be slightly less stronger than the one before it.

See how easy it is! Told you…..

8 thoughts on “Nourishing Foods – Beet Kvass”

  1. Hi there, love the post, I live in the Czech Republic and now I have to learn about kvas from all around the globe, funny!:-)Do you keep the jar closed tight or put some cloth over or something?thanks!

  2. I make this, but actually for the fermented beets, not the liquid! Haha. I usually make a really lovely fermented beetroot salad with the beetroot from this. Yummo! I will have to try making it with more liquid so that I can drink that too though!

  3. Wow Talia, I had not actually considered doing this! I might use more beets next time so we can actually eat them. Sounds yummy x

  4. Hi taryn, I made this on the weekend and have it sitting on my window sill, the liquid looks very thick and there is some brown foam at the top, is that normal??

    1. Woops you’re talking about Kvass (apologies I thought you were referring to kraut!). Again try and keep it in a dark place. The liquid should be the consistency of cordial after it’s fermented. Mine doesn’t go brown. Take a pic and send it to me if you like. Again, the contents need to be submerged in the liquid at all times

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