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Low Fructose, Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

This is the bit where I talk about myself:

Way back when I decided to quit sugar I bought a stack of Lindt 85% chocolate mostly because they were half price at Coles. They hit “the spot” for a little while and then I totally went off chocolate and actually lost my desire for it.

When reader Mell posted a link to a brownie recipe on my Facebook page, I had an idea. Let’s use up that chocolate before a host of small organisms start to call it their home.

It all started there. What happened next was endless experimenting and extreme happiness because I finally perfected it.

Hang on, what’s that I can hear a noise? You’re saying something. You’re saying: but 85% Chocolate would still be 15% actual sugar. And you are quite right. Calm down. Let me explain.

100g of Lindt 85% chocolate is 14g sugar. I’ve used half of that, 50g in this recipe (giving you two brownie recipes per block – nice aren’t I?). That’s 7g of sugar in 50g. So that’s 3.5 g of the bad stuff (fructose). Breaking this down further, 3.5g fructose into my brownie equates to 0.2g of fructose per slice. That’s miniscule. (Remember 1 teaspoon equals 4g). I’m not losing any sleep over it and neither should you.

This is the bit where I actually give you the recipe!:

Taryn’s Gluten Free/Low Fructose Chocolate Brownie
Makes about 16

I eat this swimming in cream. I need to buy a cow to keep us in an endless supply of dairy goodness
(and so we can control what it’s eating but that’s a whole other blog post for another day)

1 cup almond meal
3 tablespoons Rice Malt Syrup
Pinch Salt
Half cup of butter
2 eggs
50g of 85% dark chocolate. I use Lindt
1/2 teaspoon bi carb soda
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 teaspoon Stevia powder (I use Nirvana brand)
I cup chopped nuts (optional). I use macadamia because we love them.

Preheat oven to 150 deg Celsius

If you have a Thermomix: Melt butter, chocolate and RMS on 90% for 2 minutes until melted. Chuck in the rest. Mix on speed 3 for 5 seconds.

If you don’t have a Thermomix: Melt butter, chocolate and RMS in a microwave or over a double boiler. Mix in the rest of the ingredients.

Pour into lamington tin about 28 x 18cm

Cook for about 10 minutes. It doesn’t need very long. Keep an eye on it and don’t overcook it. It’s done when you press on it and it springs back slightly.

Serve with cream and a lovely hot brewed beverage.

Enjoy xxx

19 thoughts on “Low Fructose, Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies”

  1. Hi Taryn!Just wondering, how long it took you to not want chocolate anymore? I'm just going into week 4 of quitting sugar and I can't imagine a life without the need for chocolate sometimes…

  2. This sounds delish!! Am going to try it! I do one similar and I add 4 tablespoons of Chia seeds that have been soaked in 1 cup of water (they become like gelatine, and double in size!) I love that its flour free!

  3. Hi Ruth it's really hard for me to remember! I think it was a good few months before I stopped actually wanting it and could happily do without xxx

  4. Hi,I really like your blog and the fact you are fructose free.I am not a fan of stevia so have you used Dextrose in this recipe and if so what quantities.Thanks

  5. I just baked this. I substituted butter with coconut butter. I also used maple syrup instead of rice malt syrup and some LSA in place of the optional nuts as that was what we had in the pantry. Moist and yummy. Thanks! Janelle

  6. I'm making this on Saturday along with your lemon cheesecake slice recipe…. Lets hope they turn out better than my other sugar free attempts. Love your work Taryn 🙂

  7. Hi Taryn, I just popped over from Childhood 101. I would leave the macas out because although i love them, my DH is allergic to peanuts and from there has developed a dislike of all nuts. but, he's fine with baking with almond meal. Go figure.Anyway, my question is – 1 cup seems like a lot to leave out, especially when there's also only 1 cup of almond meal and no grains. Do you think I should add more almond meal?

  8. Hi Kirsten, it's fine to just leave them out. Leave all other quantities the same. No need to increase your almond meal amount. I've done this before (left the maces out) and they still turn out great xoxox

  9. okay, I looooove this recipe, its so fudgey and YUM…when I cook it for 35 minutes! I don't understand this?! It's nowhere NEAR ready at 10 minutes, at 25mins its pretty yummy but 35mins gives it a gorgeously crispy shell to counter the moist fudgey inside. The only change I've made both times I've cooked it is using 70% dark choc (it was what I had) & 2 T coconut sugar instead of stevia (for that brown sugar effect you just gotta have in a brownie). What's going on that it needs so much longer? I don't really mind (its so worth the wait!) but I'm just so curious!Thank you so much for this recipe, its rocked my blissfully fructose free but brownie deprived world!

  10. oh, and half a cup of butter might be better given as grams?! I forget what I figured it out to be the first time and just realised I didn't properly measure it this time…prob didn't help.

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