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Almond and Raspberry Slice (Gluten, Fructose and Grain Free)

I’ve been staring at boxes and boxes of frozen raspberries for months now. My husband was throwing them into his shake every day and it was becoming a full time job keeping the freezer in full supply.

Then he stopped having them.

It was the same time he stopped drinking milk and found myself with 15 odd litres that needed using up!

He’s very thoughtful like that.

So it got me thinking. Raspberries and almond meal could be friends, yes? You know I prefer to always bake with nut meal or coconut flour where possible, and I do try to avoid wheat flour and gluten free flour as much as possible. Gluten free pre mixed flour is expensive and full of starch which has no nutritional value. Stuff made with it tastes good for a few hours then it goes crumbly and dry. Almond meal keeps things moist and adds a bit of nutrition as well.

What a surprise it was when these worked perfect on the first bake. Let me just say this recipe is delicious! It’s also not very sweet but this is how I like it. The joy comes from the texture, not from the sweetness. Add more sweetener if you need it. Add less butter if you don’t like it too rich. It’s very forgiving.

Almond and Raspberry Slice – smells like heaven

Almond and Raspberry Slice (gluten, fructose and grain free).

1 1/2 cups almond meal
120g grass fed butter
2 heaped dessertspoons of Natvia or any sweetener.
2 eggs
1 tspn of baking powder
squeeze of lemon juice
1 – 2 cups frozen organic raspberries
Handful of sliced almonds

Line a brownie tin (about 20 x 30cm) with baking paper and preheat the oven to 180 deg Celsius.

Cream the butter and your sweetener. Add the rest of the ingredients. Combine well.

Scatter frozen raspberries over the top of the slice. They will sink in naturally when they are in the oven. Scatter over your sliced almonds too.

Bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes until springy and golden brown on top.

Slice and eat! YUM!

9 thoughts on “Almond and Raspberry Slice (Gluten, Fructose and Grain Free)”

  1. Totally! Strawbs do kinda shrivel up a bit when they've been in the oven so it might not look fab but it will taste fab I'm sure!

  2. Woolworths have a grass fed butter available….the brand is Westgold. It is a New Zealand butter. Not sure if you get it in WA though 🙂

  3. Pretty much all australian butter should be grass-fed. I buy devondale butter and while it is not marketed as grass-fed, it is all australian company with australian dairy cows and pretty much all australian dairy farms run grass-fed cattle.

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